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Modding as paid pleasure

We-e-el, modding as paid pleasure! Yeah, will be paying to us, game developers!
–It was such a recent decision of the Valve (who do not understand will be selling game modifications on Steam). This is valid for modding yet under The Elder Scrolls-5: Skyrim.
A lot of noise has risen because of this. Some idiots tried to put a very shitty mods in Steam Workshop, and some people just have put comic modes on this theme, such as a mod for Skyrim that puts literally nothing!
Other modders have complained to Valve that this undermines the credibility to Steam and the respect for the work of modders, because it is home hobby in spare time…

And I somehow in the evening seriously think about it – okay, Valve does experiments with this and they are not able yet to make this service more qualitatively. BUT ... the modding in spare time, and for the money, even if it is a bit money – it's the greatest idea of Valve!!! And if they will do everything to be more humane and good service and that many people were happy with this service for sale modds and for a variety of games, it will be the most remarkable thing that I could see so far!
Why? - Because I myself am a modder and doing this for many years, even I have almost finished story-mod for old FarCry -)) and other games. And in addition, I am a screenwriter by profession and a scenical director (metteur en scène, regizor). Anyway, I'm not against to earn additionally with modding, making mods for those games that I like – and in spare time, possibly together with other people, in my team, to make money on this and give to others the opportunity to earn. Yes, it's not too much money, but it will be much more enjoyable – because we will be engaged in favorite work, and even earn on it.

In addition, paid modding – is the perfect solution for most novice game developers who want earn some money (because exist a very skillful, clever boys and girls who live in not so rich families or countries), will learn fine to make games (also make mods for games it is much easier, because in any finished game exist almost all the necessary assets and do not always need to make everything from zero), also will learn to communicate with people in a team, make a lot of friends with common interests, to become famous among the players and developers, to make a good portfolio. After all, modding - it's a great starting point for all developers and is the path to the big game industry, be it indie or mainstream, does not matter.

Moreover, some modders already have a bunch of more or less finished mods for different games - the paid modding will be the best motivation for the completion of these projects and for the creation of new, better quality works. Yes-yes – more qualitatively, because if you put insignificant & shitty mod for sale (such as low-poly apples, a big pile of garbage or big "nothing" for Skyrim), it would be a shame for you. Who then would want to deal with you and buy your other "bright" works ?! In short ...

Valve, please – regulate carefully your service of selling mods, because it is a good and a great experiment, which should develop into something more than ready, smart and convenient for many people. And still, of one Skyrim is not enough!!! Well, you already understand. -) Good luck,Valve in this unusual, but important new path!
Hey, who spoke about “valve-time”? -)) Well, Valve, I wish you much success in your work! -)
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